Thursday, 27 October 2011

Autumn is Here!

This morning when we went to school to drop my little student, she noticed that trees already changing it's color and the leaves keeps falling. She asked; Is it autumn already?, she's still four so I asked back, why you asked? she answered articulately, because, look! the leaves are keeps falling on the ground and the trees has different colors now, there's red, pink, yellow and brown! I'm so proud knowing she already understand the different seasons. I mean she even continued.. soon it will be winter and I can ride my sled again;) While she was talking, her voice was like music in my ears!

Yes, autumn is here, and while other people already starts also changing attitudes, my little girl has a positive outlook in her sorroundings! All she saw is color and beauty and she even longs for the winter! Today, I am blessed on how to see things positively! Have a great day!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Bad News!

It's so typical when bad things happened, more keeps on coming that can really put us down. We have been in bad situation these past months that only we, family keep it to ourselves, I mean trying to keep it! In obvious situation, its so devastating and hard for us. By these, we still continue to move on and try to look the brighter side everyday.
But then last week my thursday, my mother buzz me on messenger informing us that my grandmother was hit by the motorcycle and was ran to the hospital. She had pain on the feet and head. The driver is just a mere worker of one of the restaurant in our place and is also economically hard up, but he promised to help with the hospitalization but then still almost 10,000 pesos were down.
We are thankful though that it was not so serious and my grandma already home now. I just want to rebuke all these misfortune that are disturbing to our family, in Jesus name!! I know these things would make us stronger, all I am praying for all of us to just keep holding on knowing after the rain there is a great sunshine! Godbless!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Winter Hat!

It's getting colder and colder everyday, the breeze of winter is already in the air. By this, its time again to take out winter clothes or warm attire. My baby looks good and safe on her white winter was Angelikka's before but its already small so it fits the youngest now;)

She looks so adorable hehe and we call her beary dear:) Connecting this to Wednesday White! Have a great middle of the way everyone!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Good muffins!

We have a great day today even if it rains and the weather was not that good this morning! Since we have Angelikka's dental check up today, Our day became active at least we have something to do. I am happy with the result on her teeth and even on how she behave this time! She was no longer afraid of the doctor;)

So after we were finished there, we went directly to my friend Shy since today is Camilla, her little one's 7th month and she do muffins for us to share with. It was her first time to do it but it turned out so good. What a lovely day!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Attending Birthday Party!

Today, we attended another child's party. It's our nephew, my husband's sister's son. He is so adorable. He is two weeks younger than my little Erika but then he is way bigger maybe because he's full swedes and a boy not like Erika is half asian and a girl! We had fun since Erika started walking already around the place with the presence of her relatives. Grandfather, aunts and great grandmother. We enjoyed the food and the company as well!

Have a blessed sunday! Prayer is the best way to start a new day!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Enrolling again!

It's been a year and half since I last went to school since I get pregnant and of course taking care of the baby. But next semester, by January I plan to go back to school already, I think its about time!

But then, I was worried this week thinking today will be the last day of enrollment. I can't easily do things like going to school to enroll while I have two small kids with me! But good thing I have friends who are so willing to help. So, yesterday, Jenny accompanied me and helping me with kids and enrolling my subjects since I already forgot how it was done! We finished enrolling my subjects in just an hour then we went strolling to the city afterwards! It was a great useful day because I had one important matter done! All I have to do is to wait if I got a place for school this coming school opening.

Thank God It's Friday everyone!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Erika's quarterly check up!

Last friday, became a long day for me. We went to the doctor for my youngest Erika's check up! Our schedule was for me so early because it was in the morning . I was so happy everything went fine. My baby is so healthy and growing good. And even her alleged allergy seems to be gone already. We will do a new check up for it next week.
So, after there, we went directly to the city to just window shopping when suddenly without my expectation, I saw a scene I never thought I would see that day! My close friend's husband was with another woman and he hide maybe saw me first. I hardly recognized him at first but then I was really not hallucinating because it was really 'him'. I was so disappointed on him! I mean with all this chat about hiding the situation first, here comes him going out with his other woman into the open??? Gosh, I never been so disgusted that day! Then he wrote me asking not to make it worse for them by not telling. Screw you! I was angry because he still want my friend and kind of need my help but still continue doing and cheating and worser, into the public place? Until now, can't get over yet, I hope after writing this! I'm ranting here yes, this is one advantage, I can blog!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

"Kannelbulle" day!

Here in Sweden, they have given a special day for a cinnamon bread (kannelbulle) which everyone, every family, every offices must eat cinnamon bread!
"Bulle" is swedish basic bread so to speak. I mean if Philippines, my home land has this famous 'pandesal', then kannelbulle is for Sweden. Offices offers this bread to their employees, parents buys this bread for their children or even home bake it during cinnamon bread day! A party eating bread!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Our gratitude on Erika's Party!

Oh what can I say? My little girl's party was a very successful one! Everyone knows it couldh've never be done, alone! I am indeed so grateful and proud to have family and friends whom in no doubt are always there with us to lend their hands even extends their pocket! In behalf of my husband and my kids, thank you so much Alice Mahusay, Lita Talingting Plenos, Joan Martinsson, Khim Dizon, Raine Hager, and Gloria Johansson for the foods you donated! Everyone enjoyed and satisfied and so thankful and said all were so delicious!

More thanks also to all that helps cleaning up and fixing the place, Alicia, Sarie, Gloria, Kim, Shirley and to all others that were willing to help in many ways that the party became a success! And of course to all that who came and celebrate with us! Thanks for the happy faces, for your presence, and for the amazing gifts you bestowed! We cannot thank for more! May my God will give back hundred times!
All these things I want to give back all the praises and thanksgiving to Him!