Thursday, 27 September 2012

Cough! leave me alone!

It's been almost a week now that I'm coughing so hard. Back pain and chest pain are all I feel when I cough! Its so disturbing and kind of shameful when coughing in public areas like on trains or at the restaurants. And even during our sleep. When cough attacks, my children could be awaken by the noise of it!

I suppose not to be sick! It couldn't be. I already took medicines but it doesn't seems helping at all. Oh! In JESUS name! get away me!


teJan said...

*from me.. I mean:)

rose said...

I had a really bad cough last winter and to my surprise, plan greek yogurt really quieted my cough AND made it go away. I researched online why this was the case and I found that good yogurt contains beneficial bacterias that helps fight off the bad ones inside our digestive system. You have to buy yogurt with cultured bacterias so check check the ingredients list. I suppose it doesn't hurt if you give it a try.