Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Beautiful White lover swan!

I become a fan on this color fever memes that evolve around now at blogland. I have joined black so maybe good to join this white too hosted by Raya:)
As my first entry I would like to present to you this beautiful shot of mine of this lover swan I noticed when we were in one of the beach we visited in our place. I think they are so sweet:)
Maybe I scared them when I wanted to have pictures with them, they get shy:) Aren't they cute and beautiful?

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Lax with sauce!

This complete meal I got when we were on our vacation in Paris where we hardly found a meal that has rice. I was already so hungry with rice that time , good we found a restaurant that served this menu. Lax fish fried with sauce so yummy and the unbeatable rice, perfect for what I needed that time! My share for ;

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Fully booked!

This week only monday had I stayed home ,resting, blogging,eating and sleeping but then from tuesday onwards, the boxes of the entire week are filled.

Last tuesday, we supposed to hangout with filipina friends here in Gothenburg and meet in one of the nice place here to have picnic called BOTANISCA GARDEN. Lots of trees,beautiful flowers and a wide place for children to run and play. But its an open place so it would be good to be there if the weather is good. We were all ready, we had cooked food to bring but when we were ready to go out the RAIN just came down from nowhere..sigh* So we better met together at Sarah's place cause she just baked a yummy chocolate cake with cocos:) It was still a good day!

Yesterday, my body just collapse at night for a long day we had. It was Angelikka's closing program at school for this semester then we hurried direct home to my aunt's place because of an emergency call which leads to getting home late. I got a good sleep anyway.

And today, my sister-in-law and children visits us and we had a great dinner together. Good they like what I've prepared:) and tomorrow??? it's a monthly check up for our little one then have to fix something about my work and schooling and etchetera afterwards!

On weekends willl be much better. We have to enjoy swimming:)hehe. Oh, nice time to look forward to anyway! Have agreat day everyone!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Family day out!!!

How's your weekend everyone? mine was great! We went out from the house earlier than we usually do. A yearly 21km run happened last saturday. There were 50 thousand plus who ran and participate that special event. It was quite a record this year. We came earlier so have place on the parking lot and we can find a better place to watch them.
We ate lunch at the burger machine first before we place ourselves on the road and have a fantastic family time:)
At first there were few people who were already there in the area which we chose to stay, then maybe in a few minutes people just came and the place were full. Good we already have a good spot. It's encouraging to see runners from different ages and situations physically! I'm so glad we were able to go there and cheer them up!
I want to run next year:)

Yummy Sweets!

For my entry for today's " yummy sunday" is this yummy sweets dessert I tasted from italian restaurant during our valentines date. I can't remember the name, hard name to remember:) It taste like 'yema' so milky and it looks like 'leche flan' but more sticky, so sweeet and yummy! The sweetness will remain on your tongue.hehe!
Have a great and blessed sunday everyone!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

What a day!

It has been a heavy day for me. I woke up with headache plus the weather was not so good to go out. So windy and cold and its raining. But I have to bring my daughter to school as usual.
I feel excited anyway because today my programme and the entrance tickets on my citizenship ceremony that will happen this June 6, Swedish National Day arrived already..exciting!

We also had our dental check up routine today, me and my husband together. Here in Sweden, no matter how expensive it could be, teeth are very important here that suppose to be checked and fix if there are bad teeth, its like whether we like it or not! They don't want to wait for worse situation, during check ups and they find something to be fix, they will without asking if we want it to be if the fact is its needed.
Oh what a day! good night!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

YS: grilled barbecue meal!

Since, summer time is closer, barbecue grills are the smell in the air:) So, presenting to you our meal today for my YUMMY SUNDAY entry; grilled meat with rice and fresh vegetable salad. So, perfect and yummy:)

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

My burning hair!

Last sunday I attended a candle party held by my friend's house. I was delighted with the presentation and oh the smell on different colors was just amazing. But when we suppose to order if we like to buy , I was captivated by one candle holder that was on the table accross where I was sitted. So I bend on to ask how much is the cost on that forgetting that there's a lighted candle also near me. So there the smell of the house just change into a horrible smell of the burned hair from that delicious smell of the candle.hehe.
I got no picture on that incidents but just that candle holder in black with pink flowers design was the one attracted me:) Good that the scented candle has so much smell that it lessened the smell of my hair. Well, it can happen all the time! ;) good day!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Family Time at the camping site!

It was so nice weather we had in the weekend so since the housewagon of my mother-in-law already up and complete after two weekends putting up on it with the help of my hubby, finally we have the time to enjoy. Last saturday we were there together with my inlaws..so my children's cousins were there also and they had fun.Eating outside with barbecue grill.

The little one flattire after playing with the cousins.

The star of all. The cousins were very excited to learn the little one how to hold the ball!
We had fun under the sun..yehhheeey! It's almost summer finally! Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

YS#7- Party desserts!

Wee..it's sunday and time to share our yummy sunday again! For this week I will share these yummy desserts we had on one of the parties we attended.

Yes, the fruit salad that is always present every filipino parties here in Sweden.
And of course the birthday cake filled with fresh fruits and many more yummy foods:) Have a blessed sunday everyone!

Strolling with our strollers!

Oh, after a 3days winter, summer is back again! It's nice to go out today and have a summer time getaways with the family:)

It's much better when the sun is there and warm cause we can have an energy to go out strolling and enjoying the good weather like what we did with my new mommy friend Shy last week! We had a wonderful weather so we decided to meet and strolling with our strollers!Pretty mommies with their adorable daughters in strollers. It was a bright sunny day!
Then we end up sitting at the park and feed our babies..hehe. Angelikka, the big sister took our pictures:) Well, today we also have a nice weather. So, have a bright weekend everyone!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Busy long weekend!!!

Just experiencing aftermath right now for all the stress I have gone through last weekend! Friday..we went buying the groceries we needed on the christening of our little one and thats after when my husband finished helping her mother putting up the things on her housewagon.

Then saturday came and my husband woke up early to help her sister transporting her things because she's moving up and of course helping to put up all too, while me, controlling everything for the next day's event. Making sure nothing is missing and orders should be fix.

And SUNDAY the big day came...Woke up so early to cook all the foods for the celebration afterwards. Good thing there are friends, Jenny is one who's helping me out. It was succesful and I'm satisfied. But then, when we get home, I was so tired but there were more things to do. We had to empty Angelikka's room for they will fix the floor in the next morning! Oh well, yes..really a long day but atlast today we had time to relax and back to work! Still gruggy but it can be better and better:) Godbless all!