Thursday, 30 June 2011



I can feel that this is really summer time now. It's been sunny day with 23-26degrees celcius and so hot,hot,hot! Workers starts their summer vacation already and parks and outdoor places and hangouts are already 'on'. Bikes and bicycles and flip flops are in the streets already!

Yesterday we had time with my friends having picnic near the lake and hmm..I just got sunburn and my children too:) That's how warm it is! But life is good and become better and better when the weather is like this.


Saturday, 25 June 2011

Yummy birthday foods!

Hello everyone! yummy sunday once again and today I will share lots of foods that was prepared and served to us during a one year old birthday celebration of the daughter of one filipina friend here:)
Yes, I know, its mouth watering! everything there really yummy! Swedish kind but a taste of 'pinoy' style:)
And of course the yummy dessert ... leche flan and blue berry cake! Varsegod! Have a great and blessed sunday everyone!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Baby sitting a baby sitter?

This week has been very excited for me because I was taking care an eleven year old boy, my husband's nephew. From monday until yesterday he's been here with us. Yes, he suppose to be someone to attend to but no, he was the one helping me watching my youngs. He's so sweet and helpful and my days become lighter because of him. He's my childrens' cousin.
And then yesterday, my friends dropped by and we went to the lake near our place and had a little picnic then feed the birds and then a little walk around the place! We had fun exploring the nature!
And then today, we just visit Jenny's place since they'r about to visit philippines in two weeks. We should hang out first..heheh! Oh, good food and good chat once again! Then tomorrow will be another day..Midsummer! Good day Godbless!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

JB- Peacock

Time to share beautiful things and here's my entry for this week- the beautiful peacock!
Peacock - has been said a symbol of pride and beauty because of its construction and color. I took this when we visited the animal park last weekend , I waited when she'll opens her fur , for as we know it looks wonderful like a fan round and pretty. But unfortunately it didn't. Just a blick pose and that was all:)

Have a beautiful day to all:)

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Smörgås torta!

Sandwich cake is a famous main menu serve during special occassions like birthdays here in Sweden. We call it here "smörgås torta". Its already a complete meal instead of different kinds of food as we usually prepare on occassions. I don't like it at first but now that I learned to eat it..its actually yummy and nutritious!
I don't know how to do this but I've done once helping my mother-in-law and also for the purpose to know how but it's a little much work to do and expensive ..hehe if I don't make it right:) This is really yummy as it looks! have a blessed sunday everyone!

Monday, 6 June 2011

YS- Grilled chicken sticks!

Wee..I'm late on yummy sunday. Been so busy:) Anyway, better late than never. Here's my entry for today! A grilled chicken in sticks! This so far my favorite to do at home when we want to eat outside:)
This is so yummy when paired with fresh vegetable salad. Grilled foods are famous when its summer here. Most or every house has grill machine I think. More foods here at

Friday, 3 June 2011

Week of fun!

How was your whole week everyone? Mine was great. I had time to talk with my family in pinas finally. Then I recieved good email that I've been waiting for, in connection to blogging and then a fun outing and get ways with my family.

The sea was captivating!

I'm on the top of the world..hehe, hill yeah!
The pilgrims..exploring around this small island.
The weather this week were so much better. Its already summer;) Since this week is short due to holidays, its really important to find something fun to do since this is not always. Beginning yesterday thursday our weekend starts already and it will end up on Monday, Swedish National Day. Long weekend,yes! Yesterday, as I posted at "Family Trips and Geeks", we went sailing and dock in in one island where the beauty of nature and a fresh air still there. We took a walk on forest, hills and across lakes and ponds. So good feeling, free and healthy.
Then today, we visited the biggest forest park here and done a good walk also together with my aunt and her husband. Many people grilling sunbathing and playing. Real summer:) And tomorrow we're looking forward of having a nice weather too because we'll go swimming:)