Monday, 10 October 2011

Erika's quarterly check up!

Last friday, became a long day for me. We went to the doctor for my youngest Erika's check up! Our schedule was for me so early because it was in the morning . I was so happy everything went fine. My baby is so healthy and growing good. And even her alleged allergy seems to be gone already. We will do a new check up for it next week.
So, after there, we went directly to the city to just window shopping when suddenly without my expectation, I saw a scene I never thought I would see that day! My close friend's husband was with another woman and he hide maybe saw me first. I hardly recognized him at first but then I was really not hallucinating because it was really 'him'. I was so disappointed on him! I mean with all this chat about hiding the situation first, here comes him going out with his other woman into the open??? Gosh, I never been so disgusted that day! Then he wrote me asking not to make it worse for them by not telling. Screw you! I was angry because he still want my friend and kind of need my help but still continue doing and cheating and worser, into the public place? Until now, can't get over yet, I hope after writing this! I'm ranting here yes, this is one advantage, I can blog!

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imriz said...

oh, what a dilemma u got there. i just hoped that ur friend will discover his husband's womanizing soon:)

cute and healthy baby u got:)