Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Summer mode!

The weather is getting better and better everyday. I have done consequent walking around this past days. The sun still shines until 6pm and we already have daylight from 5am-8pm. Its so cool, but my problem is my children don't sleep at their time for sleeping cause they thought its still early since there's still light even if its already 8pm.

Last sunday the time already changed into summer time. Its one hour plus. If we had 8am last sunday it became 9am. I was almost late for church since my watch still one hour behind. When I look to my celphone it was almost time. My phone changed automatically. Yes I was still late for maybe 15minutes..heheh.

So cool to really feel that summer is here when many things change into summer mode. Like the wheels of our car already summer wheels just on monday. And then we already start planning about summer vacation:) Cool right?

Monday, 28 March 2011

Family Time #2- A Walk in the Forest!

It's family time once again and I'm looking forward into it! Since we had a wonderful weather last saturday , it was nice to walk around. We live near a lake and a forest and its so nice to walk around grasping the natural fresh air and the beauty of nature. Specially when its a good weather.

We had a healthy bonding:) We need an exercise for we need to loose weight also and walking is perfect exercise. Have great time with your family everyone at family time!!!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Yummy Sunday First Entry!

It's been a while I was thinking of joining a food meme. I love,love food thats why I have so many pictures in different kinds of food:) Finally I found this yummy sunday. This is my first entry:) This is a thai food I just eat in a new found thai restaurant here in sweden. Taste so good and affordable:) lurv it! yummy!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

A day break..out!

Today is the birthday of my father-in-law's wife. She's a very kind and deligent woman. Motherly in nature. She always have time for her family to get together at their house and so hospitable to everyone! She always prepare something to eat everytime there's a family gathering.

But today, she decided to went out and held her birthday at the restaurant:) She want a break maybe, preparing everything hehe. But we think it was a good idea and its good to give her a little break because its her day. The day was fun because we met first at their house and do a walk together to the restaurant like 150 meters. We had a nice weather today so perfect for that kind of bonding! I hope she had fun also:) Happy Birthday Wanda!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

"Family Time Meme!"

Wee..atlast I found this meme wherein so new and I can join the first entry and I love it coz its all about family time! I am thinking what to share as my first entry since from friday and the whole weekend, we really had spent our time as a family and for the family. Well, I decided to share our time last friday since I already posted here some of what had happen last weekend:)

Me and my hubby usually go out and eat at the restaurant every friday but when we had our first child the outing goes down to once a month mostly during salary time fridays. But now that we have two children, we noticed we never had a family friday anymore:) Last friday, I felt tired of cooking dinner at home, but the good thing was my husband said, 'good because I want to eat outside' then I realized it was what I was missing. So, the friday night had been full of food and satisfaction with the whole family:)

Hehe..the little one just fall asleep letting us eat freely maybe:) We had fun and I love the food actually all of us love that restaurant and we went home having piggy syndrome:)
I love family time:)

Monday, 21 March 2011

Weekend's food!

Since I don't have to think for my husband's lunch box during weekends, I usually do foods that I want but can't be save for another day neither can be take home to work like soup and finger foods. So the previous weekend we had a strange food..heehe, my husband call it strange because it would not fit the usual meal like the soup would fit as dinner and hotdogs and eggs are for breakfast:) But weekends, we have no exact eating time so we eat hotdogs and burger as our breakfast then in the next day lunch was bone soup:) Oh I love it no matter what!
Yeah, don't laugh or don't ask, my hubby and little girl love those heheh!

We just made this at home...more yummy than at any fastfood:) yes and more cheaper..hehe

Have a nice week ahead!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Weird Weather!

Last week the snow just fall over our place after we thought that the spring already is coming. So, we wondered if the said spring will still come. Anyhow, this week we had a nice weather, warm and sunny, so we thought that last week's snowing was just the finishing of the winter season..heheh if there's like that. BUT, yesterday haha..our place was white again , yes its snowing. Isn't it funny and weird? huh!Today was awesome! the sunshine is up! Wonderful weather but then I will no longer hope that there will be no more snow coming. I accept the fact that the weather here is something we cannot tell..weird! And inspite of the good weather outside, we were just home cleaning up our humble home, changing curtains and cleaning the dust away:) yes, it will be the preparation for the coming spring and summer.
Happy Weekend!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Baby Junia is born!

As every Sarah's friend here in bloggers world are updated about her pregnancy, finally the time has come. This early morning she went through a ceasarian method of delivering her baby. I was so excited what could it be, if its a girl or a boy since it was not informed. So the whole day I and Jenny were waiting for the good news. Everytime my phone signals, I wish its from Shy. The day seemed so long..we've waited until one MMS came to my phone and its a baby with a text:

"Vi fick en liten flicka:&"

It simply means; "we got a little girl". Oh look at that cutie just a few hours old:) I ran directly to my husband and showed him the picture. Then sent some congratulations back to them.

Oh! again congratulations my dear friend Shy, you are now a certified mother:) Goodluck and Get well soon:) Of course our congratulations to Peter too, her husband! Can't wait of seeing you both and the baby. may our lord God keep you and will protect you from all harm! Godbless!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Bright and Exciting Day!

From yesterday and today, we had really a wonderful weather. It feels like the summer is already fast approaching:) Yes, time for spring and then the bright sun will soon to come. I had a nice time walking around with my little one welcoming the sunshine!

Today we had a get together at Jenny's crib and guess what still with Shy whose scheduled for ceasarian operation tomorrow early in the morning. Imagine, she still manage to go out and be with us on the last day before she will be a mother hehe! Isn't it exciting. Tomorrow at 6:30 Sarah will undergo a ceasarian operation and will be a mom. We are praying for her safety and the baby and we are so excited about her being a mommy soon. Goodluck my friend!

Thank you Jenny for the good food and for the company..we went home stomach full:) Until next time!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Busy Week for me!

Last week was all about me. From Monday I was busy building my blog accounts both blogger and wordpress. Almost all day sitting on my computer, posting, visiting as to spread my new account, beautifying my page through finding the right design...yes all those I did not made it on just that day. But on the tuesday, I was not able to blog since it was also a full booked day! In the morning, I got two schedules on my midwife, physical examination (blood examination ), its a yearly control to all women here in Sweden for cancer prevention. Ang also my birth control. Then, in the afternoon together with my aunts we celebrated the womens day and we were out shopping, eating and just enjoying!

Wednesday and thursday was like a rest day because I was just at home, but no it was not, I was still busy working out my blogs account enhancing the new once and updated the old ones. Cleaning up my bloglist and visiting old friends!

Then on Friday was so great! I finally had a good massage, me and my husband had a schedule finally at the massage clinic and relaxed ourselves for every stress and pressures:) Saturday we had attended a Annika's birthday party and had fun together with families and relatives and on sunday was a bad day:) Hmm..not so good ending of the week. But this week started happy anyway:) Just hoping a great week ahead for us and for everyone out there:)

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Erika's week!

Seem this week is the week for my little girl. Every day my schedule has something to do with her. And everyday also she did something that amazes me:) Last monday was her monthly check up and everything is normal and she's in good condition. She already 7.5kilos and 5months old. Tuesday she start rolling over and did it once but I thought it was just because of my weight in the bed that helped her rolled over. But on wednesday, we just stayed home because she has colds she did a lot of time in the floor and thats the time she finally did it! She rolled 3 times and already tried crawling..hahahha! So fast but I'm so happy seeing her growth.

Well, today is her 5months old birthday. Oh time just passed so fast and I can't imagine she's already almost half a year:) Oh congratulations my little one! I love you so much! Tomorrow we will visit to a friend's house and celebrate her 5 months old birthday. It will be fun!