Friday, 30 September 2011

Busy long day!

Tomorrow will be my little girl's first birthday celebration and I hope it's gonna be fun and memorable! Families and friends will be there and so must prepare much foods and goddies!
So, today I starts preparing by doing candy bags and the springrolls, so far these are the ones finished in the moment! And then later, we have to go to the store and order the cake and will do groceries! We will start cooking some food tonight also and sweets! Exciting, hope everything will be fine! Goodluck to me:)

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Card Expired!

I went to town to suppose send money and I think that's the only important reason I went with two children and raining. But then when everything was almost finished and the cashier asked my personal ID card, she gave it back to me and said; "You are expired" haha..she said ,I mean your card was expired just 2weeks ago, do you have your passport instead! Of course I have nothing with me.

Uh! that was annoying but in the other hand, I was thankful that it happened there so I know that I'm no longer safe these days:) Must have my passport with me all the time now but we have to go the bank to renew my Personal ID. WE really don't know what the day brings , so it's better to start our day with prayers! It always protects us in so many ways! Good day!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Fried Chicken with sauce!

How's your sunday everyone? Mine, was not so good. I wasn't able to go to the church because I got a bad headache. I thought I will have fever but I feel better now after I get some rest! Maybe aftermath after all that happened to me, I mean when I lost my bag and got it back:)
Well, its time to share something yummy once again and as for my entry, I'd like to share my simple dinner at home. Fried chicken file' with sauce and fresh veges salad then of course the undying rice:)
Have a great week ahead and may every one will be filled with luck and blessings! Keep smiling:)

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Nice place to live!

We have plans someday to stay in our province in Philippines where calmness and peace still there inspite of the chaotic life in the city or here and there when we get old. I mean when we will be pensioner. So, we began looking for a nice place that fits what we want with the help of my brother. And lucky enough, we found one during our last visit last year. We were thinking to buy a lot first even if we have no budget yet for a house. Anyway, lot can stay there and can wait:)
But then it makes me feel homesick when my brother sent us a picture of a nipa hut stood there with a little house for a place keeper (we hired somebody to watch over the place).
Our dream place to spend our old days:) Simple living but peaceful. With nature around, trees, farm, plants, farm animals, looking forward to that day when we can do many things on this place!
My brother built that nipa hut for him to rest and stay away from headaches from his work. Its like its his resthouse for the meantime! He said he plan to do business there like pig raising, chicken and the like! Whatever, for now all we can do is save for our house there someday! Godbless our plans!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Yummy Pie:)

I have been longing for a pie lately and I was happy when we attended my friend's birthday because she served an apple pie, so yummy! An apple that according to her she just got it direct from the tree at their own backyard. wow!
There it is! Isn't it look captivating? can you smell it? hehe! Connecting this to 'yummy sunday':) Have a great week ahead everyone! Godbless!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Trees fell down!

There are many trees around us here where we lived. Every pathways have trees lined up. And then today, we have a very stormy weather, the wind was so strong and one of those trees in our way fell down.
Everyday we walk down there when I drop and get my 4 years old girl from school but today it was kind of dangerous to be outside but still we went. When I was about to get my girl, just few minutes back before I passed that road, a tree fell down. I felt scared and my thoughts had many 'what ifs' . But then I know God will always protect us, thats why I we need to take time asking his protection every now and then! Because we never know what that day brings.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Oldest lumber!

When we were in that biggest zoo here in Sweden, I found different kinds of animals that I haven't seen before. And I thought only animals would I see there but I also found this oldest and maybe the longest lumber in the world :) This tree is 41 m long and 195years old.
I find it amazing..just pondering about it today:)