Wednesday, 28 December 2011

From Exchange gift!

AS family tradition every christmas, we always has this dice throwing when changing our gifts. The first throw will let you chose a gift in the middle where all the gifts were placed. Then when every one got a gift, we have to open it what's inside the package. After all is revealed..we through the dice again and those who got 6 can chose the gifts from everyone and change her or his gifts and the dice roll until 15minutes will be over.

This white box with nice stuff inside which suppose I like so much is my first picked but then it was taken again when the dice start rolling and I ended up with something else. Sad, but it was fun! Since that water jar is my favorite orange ..linking this to Orange Tuesdays and White box and white towels for Wednesday White! Have a great day!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Storms almost blow us away!

I was so afraid this morning when I drop my older daughter to school. The storm and winds, was so strong that we could hardly walk and it was raining so much also. I was tempted not to pursue but rather go back home. But my daughter want to go to school. So we continued.

When we were in the gate of their school, As I open the steel gate with one hand and one hand holding my baby stroller, the wind blew so strong and so I let go the gate and hold my two hands on the stroller instead, but the winds blew hard away the steel gate that almost hit my older daughter who was standing near the gate! That was so fast and I was trembling on what just happened tha moment!

Still, God again showed his protection to us. My daughter just raised her other foot away when I shouted then the gate slipped out from her. Otherwise she will be drive away by the gate and I could not imagine whats gonna happen! Thank you Lord for the protection and keeping us safe under the storms!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Snow and hale finally!

This post suppose last tuesday when the first snow here in my place finally came at around 10 o'clock in the evening!
We were wondering why it was so cold that night before the snow came and now they're here. Yesterday it was raining hale also. It was painful in the head and skin if you have no umbrella to protect you and if you are under the rain! Good I was in the car when it happened. Yes, there's a tik tok sounds in the car:) Well, its time again and we must live with it! Hope we will have a white christmas though;)
Have a great day!