Sunday, 2 October 2011

Our gratitude on Erika's Party!

Oh what can I say? My little girl's party was a very successful one! Everyone knows it couldh've never be done, alone! I am indeed so grateful and proud to have family and friends whom in no doubt are always there with us to lend their hands even extends their pocket! In behalf of my husband and my kids, thank you so much Alice Mahusay, Lita Talingting Plenos, Joan Martinsson, Khim Dizon, Raine Hager, and Gloria Johansson for the foods you donated! Everyone enjoyed and satisfied and so thankful and said all were so delicious!

More thanks also to all that helps cleaning up and fixing the place, Alicia, Sarie, Gloria, Kim, Shirley and to all others that were willing to help in many ways that the party became a success! And of course to all that who came and celebrate with us! Thanks for the happy faces, for your presence, and for the amazing gifts you bestowed! We cannot thank for more! May my God will give back hundred times!
All these things I want to give back all the praises and thanksgiving to Him!

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