Saturday, 30 April 2011

YS#6- Biko baby!

It's 1am here and I'm just finish marinating ang preparing everything we need for tomorrow's (today..wink already 1'oclock) Erika's dedication . So, I will have no time to post tomorrow so I decided to do "yummy sunday" before I go to sleep.

We already have good weather this week, so we finally ate icecream and since, it's strawberry season also, so good to have it on top of the icecream. Good blend, so yummy!

And yahooo..finally ate "biko" (rice cake?). We attended a 50years old birthday celebration of my co-filipina here in Sweden and there were lots of filipino yummy foods actually but for me, the winner of them all is this 'biko' . hehe. So chocolatey:)

Have a blessed sunday everyone!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Busy Easter holiday!

As I reported at "Basic Highlight's family time", we had a busy schedule last weekend on easter holiday. So, yesterday we took time to relax staying at the cool place at summer camp area where my MIL's housewagon parked. We just stay there enjoying the warm and gentle breeze by the sea just across the place. Then, we dine in together with my inlaws with grilled barbecue and potatoes salad! At the end of the day, we had a great summer feelings already!

As you can see on our pictures wearing summer clothes, no jackets,huh our first time out with those attires this season:)

Today back to work, back to school, back to normal routine. Have a great week anyway:) Godbless!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

'Pasta ala Janet' in yummy sunday!

Since it's easter holiday..we did a little special foods this weekend and these are the yummy foods I'll share today for "Yummy Sunday"!

The above picture was the super yummy filipino desert called 'binignit' (in our vernacular) My aunt did it perfectly and so yummy.
And as our food, I did this special pasta called 'pasta ala janet':) It compose of those three above. The pasta, the vegetables with meat and bacon, then a sauce with cream and cheese.
This is the finished product. Place the pasta first, then the vegetables on the top then the sauce. Then the botttom picture is the ready to eat mixed and serve yummylicious:) Have a blessed sunday everyone!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Blog Caravan!

I once joined a blog caravan on my other blog and I was satisfied with it because all those who joins really do what are the things that suppose to do if you join. I earned many followers and gained many friends. So, now that it's coming again, I'm so happy and love to ramp this blog this time.

This site is a day to day coverage on those simple bits and pieces that are happenings in our lives and things around me. May not very important to others but I just simply would like those things to be noted for future use and for pesent satisfaction. I love to see you here too. Remember: "Every little things we have done TODAY has a great part of the things we are going to do TOMMORROW!"

Follow me here and give me a bilet so I can payback:) See yah!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Visit finally!

Waah time goes so fast! It was already a week ago since we finally visited mommy Shy's little girl Camilla. She just so cute and hairy. I thought in the pictures she's more like on the mother but no she's not if you can see her personally. She's more like her father just they have opposite color of the hair:)

Well, thanks so much for the time Sarah. You are now certified mommy. And I can see the big difference now and before. You both deserves each other and congratulations. It might be hard at the start but it will be getting better and enjoyable as she grows in your care! Godbless!

She's so communicative! look at the picture, her stare is wonderful:)

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Yummy Sunday#4 - Escabeche baby!

This colorful and captivating menu is my entry for today's "Yummy Sunday". This was made or cooked by my friend Jenny when we hanged out at her crib few weeks ago. Oh yes, she cooks so well and because I was craving of this sweet and sour fish, I requested her to do it but in our surprise, it was really what she was about to prepare for us:) Hmmm yummy:)

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Got a new shoes:)

Not planned.
Oh, girls/women or is it just me?

Since the weather is getting better and better now and as I said on the late posts that we starts walking around to enjoy the weather. Angelikka's pump shoes is already small for her, she already complain that it hurts to her feet. So we went to the store and suppose buy her shoes.

Luckily, the store that sells good quality shoes has their season sale:) It was half price on all shoes that are in the table with a tag that says "passa på". It means that you can have that price if the shoes will fit you, you cannot ask for other sizes. We found Laikka's adidas that perfectly fits her but the thing was, I also found my size, Puma and its so 60%cheaper than the original prize. And the kind and its style is my type. So, I asked my hubby if he can also buy it for me. Hehe without hesitation, he did and I got a new shoes for summer!

I already tried it today and it's so comfortable:)

Sunday, 10 April 2011

YS: ordinary meal!

It's sunday and time to share something yummy:) My entry today would be this simple and ordinary meal we had few weekend ago. It was so good and looks special. This made mestomach full and finger licking good!

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Entering the Forest!

It's been a while since our last walk inside the forest. It was a long winter and dark so its a little scary to get in there. A few weeks ago we also did walking with my family but we did not get in to the forest.

But today, it was really a nice weather and many people also walk and jog around the football's plan, feeding the birds and run inside the forest. So, it was good to get in also. That forest are really nature friendly and people friendly, though the leaves of the trees are not yet shown from winter but there are already signs that they're coming so soon.

It was so exciting walking in where many trees around. It feels good embracing the nature!
We standby at the lake nearby where there's a wood bench to sit on and took coffe and some cupcakes:) What a wonderful day!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Talking away!

I am so happy to talk with my family today through the net. Its been a while since our computer at home or the internet in our place doesn't work good. I am even happier about the reports my mother gave me. They are all fine and the Lord keep them even from so many not good things that are happening around them. Its always mind resting when you know what's going on on your love ones away from you. This high technology now a days really help.

Tomorrow saturday, I'm expecting them again. I hope our computer at home works good:) Weekends are no fun without opening it with a conversation with my family circle acroos the mile:) Have a happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Swedish media entertained by Pilipinas got Talent

My husband is fond of looking news on his computer. If I am into blogging and facebook, he's into games and news. Then just a while ago he called me because he found this news in afton bladet- one of swedén's news broadcast, because its about a filipino.

Try to watch this because they really was amazed on this talent this filipino has:) They talk about it with amazement how he can really sings like horse in Pilipinas Got Talent! I myself was amazed. It gives a smile on my face not only the show but also the swedish people who are watching and commenting:)

Monday, 4 April 2011

FT#3- Operation Pizza!

It's Monday, and I have to share last sunday's operation pizza as my entry here at Family time.
After church last sunday, I felt tired or lazy thinking what to cook for dinner. So we dropped by at our favorite pizza hauz and decided to have our dinner there! This time the whole family at the table cause the little one was awake and I have anyway brought a food for her so she joined also eating with us! We went home stomach fult:) Have a nice time with your family everyone!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Baby Erika is half year today!

Six months already since I got my new angel:) And she's growing bigger and prettier:) And I love her so dearly. It's our prayer that she may grow under God's care and protection and that she will be blessed with best filled life with knowledge and wisdom from above.

"We are so lucky to have you dear one. You've been so nice and wonderful and so as parents, we will try our best to give you all the things you deserves".

All our love and congratulations with thanksgiving in our hearts; Mamma, Pappa and big sister Laikka. Mwaah!

Friday, 1 April 2011


Today is a special day and therefore a fun day for us. It's not only special because its april's fools day but also it's my angel's christening day! Four years ago and April 1 we dedicate Angelikka to God being so thankful that He entrusted her to us. Every year on date we have to lit her candle given during the christening and let her pray and then blow after praying. She now starts understand what it is about church and being a christian:) And I am so happy and proud about it.Today also we had our little one vaccinated. It was scheduled today and so she's a little tired and feel not so good. Maybe tonight or tomorrow she will have fever because of the two vaccines but as the doctor said this reaction is normal. Well, its friday anyway so its a little better. I haven't fooled anyone yet, maybe my husband later hahhaha.

Have a great weekend everyone!