Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Three months ago!

Whew! I fail:(

Exactly 3months ago since my last post:) And within those 3months, many things had happened already. Exciting, challenging, frustrating,and whatsoever life's had brought me but so far I had my best times that suppose to be well-covered..but I fail! I don't know, but months, weeks, days just passed by with out me updating my sites! Ewww, what must I do?

I feel like going back here.. I actually don't know what ,where and when to start. I hope I still can do it whether to start a new site or to continue my old sites!

Well, I have to continue this site but since my birthday will be a week from now better to start there:) New year of my life, new day to start with! Looking forward into it..I just keep my fingers crossed:) Hope you're there as I continue to walk along! Hugs!

Monday, 24 May 2010

Unexpected meetings with friends!

Got to know if I pass the subject or not today. I was a little worried though calm. There must have something happened in between I didn't know:) But thank God He answered my prayers. My teacher gave me a 'G' which means I did it!

It just took 15 minutes talk so I had time to roam around in the city, while looking at shoe store I met an old friend who brought some foods and she said, she's looking for a company to eat all those..hahah! shy arrived, another friend of her arrived too with foods also. So we went out to the park under the sun and eat those foods there outside like an instant picnic happened.
While eating, our friend zorayda, a.k.a jen called and informed that we were in that place. Few minutes passed they also arrived the two jennys:) Weee.. we had a nice time taking pictures with loud laughters as if...what a day!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Complete Now!

My stomach is getting bigger and bigger everyday and I already can feel the uncomfortability it brings but then, it cannot be compared by the joy I feel and the excitement on that day when I can hold my little one on my two bear arms!

Today on its 18weeks, we did an ultrasound to see how it's going. And we were so happy that everything are normal and he/she's growing and is complete now. I again had a watery eyed seeing my little baby there in the screen. Moving so much and so active:)

Oh! I can't wait to hold you in my arms and let you see the world:) Me, your Dad and your big sister Angelikka are so excited of your coming. I love you little one! May the Lord will continue to bless you as He is preparing for your coming out! Love and kisses from us.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

All will be covered!

I'm just thinking, how can I remember it well when time comes when we need to go back the happenings of our life without missing a thing:)

"Put it into writing! Document your life everyday so everything will be covered!" is the shout at the back of my mind! Well, this could be a nice idea, why not! Since everything in this world envolves change! In this way, I can trace the ups and downs of my life and the people that are in some way or another becomes a part of my life.

Since I'm fond of inventoring myself once in a while, doing this coverage will be a good help for a better result and for a better judgement! So, walk with me as I try to cover the daily happenings in life, in my own perspective! Godbless!