Saturday, 30 April 2011

YS#6- Biko baby!

It's 1am here and I'm just finish marinating ang preparing everything we need for tomorrow's (today..wink already 1'oclock) Erika's dedication . So, I will have no time to post tomorrow so I decided to do "yummy sunday" before I go to sleep.

We already have good weather this week, so we finally ate icecream and since, it's strawberry season also, so good to have it on top of the icecream. Good blend, so yummy!

And yahooo..finally ate "biko" (rice cake?). We attended a 50years old birthday celebration of my co-filipina here in Sweden and there were lots of filipino yummy foods actually but for me, the winner of them all is this 'biko' . hehe. So chocolatey:)

Have a blessed sunday everyone!


Carla said...

love this. miss ko na biko!!

wenn said...

that's cool!

Mirage said...

biko! kamiss yan!

GAGAY said...

yummy biko!!!mine is already too!!

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Perfectly Blended said...

I love strawberries!

Dhemz said...

agoy ginoo ko...kalami man kau ani woi...gutom man sad ta woi!

rikka said...

that looks good and tasty!

I miss my lola's biko now... hehehehe

Hope you can visit me back:


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cherry @1716south said...

looks so yummy and sinful...=)

mine is up: