Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Visit finally!

Waah time goes so fast! It was already a week ago since we finally visited mommy Shy's little girl Camilla. She just so cute and hairy. I thought in the pictures she's more like on the mother but no she's not if you can see her personally. She's more like her father just they have opposite color of the hair:)

Well, thanks so much for the time Sarah. You are now certified mommy. And I can see the big difference now and before. You both deserves each other and congratulations. It might be hard at the start but it will be getting better and enjoyable as she grows in your care! Godbless!

She's so communicative! look at the picture, her stare is wonderful:)


JennyH said...

Little Sarah..She's so adorable and good combination, right?

teJan said...

heheh...ingon pa ni LG 50-50, heheh.

Yen said...

Happy for your friend Sarah. Cute baby also.:-)

Dhemz said... wakas...ka cute sa bata ni nyora...ehehehe...:)

laikka said...

cute jud dhems..heheh murag grabe ka bahin sa hitsura:)