Saturday, 9 April 2011

Entering the Forest!

It's been a while since our last walk inside the forest. It was a long winter and dark so its a little scary to get in there. A few weeks ago we also did walking with my family but we did not get in to the forest.

But today, it was really a nice weather and many people also walk and jog around the football's plan, feeding the birds and run inside the forest. So, it was good to get in also. That forest are really nature friendly and people friendly, though the leaves of the trees are not yet shown from winter but there are already signs that they're coming so soon.

It was so exciting walking in where many trees around. It feels good embracing the nature!
We standby at the lake nearby where there's a wood bench to sit on and took coffe and some cupcakes:) What a wonderful day!


Jenny Blogger said...

sang forest yan? kami pumunta ng Partille kahapon at naglunch sa stan..heheh

teJan said...

dun sa likod namin may svartemosse!