Thursday, 3 March 2011

Erika's week!

Seem this week is the week for my little girl. Every day my schedule has something to do with her. And everyday also she did something that amazes me:) Last monday was her monthly check up and everything is normal and she's in good condition. She already 7.5kilos and 5months old. Tuesday she start rolling over and did it once but I thought it was just because of my weight in the bed that helped her rolled over. But on wednesday, we just stayed home because she has colds she did a lot of time in the floor and thats the time she finally did it! She rolled 3 times and already tried crawling..hahahha! So fast but I'm so happy seeing her growth.

Well, today is her 5months old birthday. Oh time just passed so fast and I can't imagine she's already almost half a year:) Oh congratulations my little one! I love you so much! Tomorrow we will visit to a friend's house and celebrate her 5 months old birthday. It will be fun!


Lalaine said...

Wow! she's so must be loads of fun taking care of her..happy 5th month birthday cutie girl!

Thanks for dropping by!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Erika is sure in a hurry to grow up and mommy is very excited about it, hehehe. These are times when you chronicle each and every little development in your baby. I just hope you will not neglect Laikka unnecessarily so that she will not develop sibling rivalry with her baby sister. Thanks for the very cute post. God bless you all always.

teJan said...

hehhe..thanks lalaine yah you bet!

@mel..heheh uh why they grow so fast!..heheh. yah thats my problem or i'm working out about it with laikka..thanks

Mommy Liz said...

napaka girly girl naman nya, so cute..she's 5 months already? ang bilis ng panahon.