Thursday, 17 March 2011

Baby Junia is born!

As every Sarah's friend here in bloggers world are updated about her pregnancy, finally the time has come. This early morning she went through a ceasarian method of delivering her baby. I was so excited what could it be, if its a girl or a boy since it was not informed. So the whole day I and Jenny were waiting for the good news. Everytime my phone signals, I wish its from Shy. The day seemed so long..we've waited until one MMS came to my phone and its a baby with a text:

"Vi fick en liten flicka:&"

It simply means; "we got a little girl". Oh look at that cutie just a few hours old:) I ran directly to my husband and showed him the picture. Then sent some congratulations back to them.

Oh! again congratulations my dear friend Shy, you are now a certified mother:) Goodluck and Get well soon:) Of course our congratulations to Peter too, her husband! Can't wait of seeing you both and the baby. may our lord God keep you and will protect you from all harm! Godbless!

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Jenny Blogger said...

Little Junia..little Shy...cute no?