Monday, 21 March 2011

Weekend's food!

Since I don't have to think for my husband's lunch box during weekends, I usually do foods that I want but can't be save for another day neither can be take home to work like soup and finger foods. So the previous weekend we had a strange food..heehe, my husband call it strange because it would not fit the usual meal like the soup would fit as dinner and hotdogs and eggs are for breakfast:) But weekends, we have no exact eating time so we eat hotdogs and burger as our breakfast then in the next day lunch was bone soup:) Oh I love it no matter what!
Yeah, don't laugh or don't ask, my hubby and little girl love those heheh!

We just made this at home...more yummy than at any fastfood:) yes and more cheaper..hehe

Have a nice week ahead!


jganlising said...

hi sis! thnks for dropping by in my blog...cant wait to see your entry for family time! :)

Now your follower please do follow mne too! thanks much!

BTW i love the sandwich with fries...can you teach me how to do that? where you located nga pala? nice meeting you! thanks!

teJan said... easy to do it because almost everything on it are finish product just warm a little..hehehe!