Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Card Expired!

I went to town to suppose send money and I think that's the only important reason I went with two children and raining. But then when everything was almost finished and the cashier asked my personal ID card, she gave it back to me and said; "You are expired" haha..she said ,I mean your card was expired just 2weeks ago, do you have your passport instead! Of course I have nothing with me.

Uh! that was annoying but in the other hand, I was thankful that it happened there so I know that I'm no longer safe these days:) Must have my passport with me all the time now but we have to go the bank to renew my Personal ID. WE really don't know what the day brings , so it's better to start our day with prayers! It always protects us in so many ways! Good day!

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