Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Nice place to live!

We have plans someday to stay in our province in Philippines where calmness and peace still there inspite of the chaotic life in the city or here and there when we get old. I mean when we will be pensioner. So, we began looking for a nice place that fits what we want with the help of my brother. And lucky enough, we found one during our last visit last year. We were thinking to buy a lot first even if we have no budget yet for a house. Anyway, lot can stay there and can wait:)
But then it makes me feel homesick when my brother sent us a picture of a nipa hut stood there with a little house for a place keeper (we hired somebody to watch over the place).
Our dream place to spend our old days:) Simple living but peaceful. With nature around, trees, farm, plants, farm animals, looking forward to that day when we can do many things on this place!
My brother built that nipa hut for him to rest and stay away from headaches from his work. Its like its his resthouse for the meantime! He said he plan to do business there like pig raising, chicken and the like! Whatever, for now all we can do is save for our house there someday! Godbless our plans!


Mel Alarilla said...

Commit your plans to the Lord and your plans will succeed. God will enable you to succeed with your plans and will provide for all your needs. That is a wonderful dream you have when you finally retire. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Jan said...

absolutely Mel..We live simply and acknowledging God in everything we do is so great!