Friday, 3 June 2011

Week of fun!

How was your whole week everyone? Mine was great. I had time to talk with my family in pinas finally. Then I recieved good email that I've been waiting for, in connection to blogging and then a fun outing and get ways with my family.

The sea was captivating!

I'm on the top of the world..hehe, hill yeah!
The pilgrims..exploring around this small island.
The weather this week were so much better. Its already summer;) Since this week is short due to holidays, its really important to find something fun to do since this is not always. Beginning yesterday thursday our weekend starts already and it will end up on Monday, Swedish National Day. Long weekend,yes! Yesterday, as I posted at "Family Trips and Geeks", we went sailing and dock in in one island where the beauty of nature and a fresh air still there. We took a walk on forest, hills and across lakes and ponds. So good feeling, free and healthy.
Then today, we visited the biggest forest park here and done a good walk also together with my aunt and her husband. Many people grilling sunbathing and playing. Real summer:) And tomorrow we're looking forward of having a nice weather too because we'll go swimming:)


Jona said...

bilib ako sa inyo! can't be stopped going everywhere with your little kids in tow :D thanks for the visit to my JB entry.

teJan said...

uu..heheh, parang nakapag-isip din ako, adik ata kami sa byahe:)familya viajero nga:)

Anonymous said...

Hi tejan! You have such a beautiful family. Glad you found my blog from Rick's page, he is such a great storyteller!