Thursday, 23 June 2011

Baby sitting a baby sitter?

This week has been very excited for me because I was taking care an eleven year old boy, my husband's nephew. From monday until yesterday he's been here with us. Yes, he suppose to be someone to attend to but no, he was the one helping me watching my youngs. He's so sweet and helpful and my days become lighter because of him. He's my childrens' cousin.
And then yesterday, my friends dropped by and we went to the lake near our place and had a little picnic then feed the birds and then a little walk around the place! We had fun exploring the nature!
And then today, we just visit Jenny's place since they'r about to visit philippines in two weeks. We should hang out first..heheh! Oh, good food and good chat once again! Then tomorrow will be another day..Midsummer! Good day Godbless!

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Dhemz said...

sos pagka cute....:)