Saturday, 28 January 2012

More Snow!

This year is the worst winter time here in sweden from what I've experienced. But those who lived here or are swedish like my husband, he said it was usually just like this before, no much snow just a little. I mean so this is the normal, but since I came here, it was always lots of snow during winter season and it took months with really snow or ice on our way and on roads!

This week, the children me were really happy because the snow finally came. Though not that much but aleast it took a week before its gone! My daughter had time to play and made snow ball.

Me, trying to help my girl form a big snow ball. It was a little weird but seeing my girl so happy and enjoying it then I just in the same way feel the fun! Well, Spring is ready I think! Another weekend, time to have a little rest! Have a great one!

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