Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Storms almost blow us away!

I was so afraid this morning when I drop my older daughter to school. The storm and winds, was so strong that we could hardly walk and it was raining so much also. I was tempted not to pursue but rather go back home. But my daughter want to go to school. So we continued.

When we were in the gate of their school, As I open the steel gate with one hand and one hand holding my baby stroller, the wind blew so strong and so I let go the gate and hold my two hands on the stroller instead, but the winds blew hard away the steel gate that almost hit my older daughter who was standing near the gate! That was so fast and I was trembling on what just happened tha moment!

Still, God again showed his protection to us. My daughter just raised her other foot away when I shouted then the gate slipped out from her. Otherwise she will be drive away by the gate and I could not imagine whats gonna happen! Thank you Lord for the protection and keeping us safe under the storms!

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