Thursday, 26 May 2011

Fully booked!

This week only monday had I stayed home ,resting, blogging,eating and sleeping but then from tuesday onwards, the boxes of the entire week are filled.

Last tuesday, we supposed to hangout with filipina friends here in Gothenburg and meet in one of the nice place here to have picnic called BOTANISCA GARDEN. Lots of trees,beautiful flowers and a wide place for children to run and play. But its an open place so it would be good to be there if the weather is good. We were all ready, we had cooked food to bring but when we were ready to go out the RAIN just came down from nowhere..sigh* So we better met together at Sarah's place cause she just baked a yummy chocolate cake with cocos:) It was still a good day!

Yesterday, my body just collapse at night for a long day we had. It was Angelikka's closing program at school for this semester then we hurried direct home to my aunt's place because of an emergency call which leads to getting home late. I got a good sleep anyway.

And today, my sister-in-law and children visits us and we had a great dinner together. Good they like what I've prepared:) and tomorrow??? it's a monthly check up for our little one then have to fix something about my work and schooling and etchetera afterwards!

On weekends willl be much better. We have to enjoy swimming:)hehe. Oh, nice time to look forward to anyway! Have agreat day everyone!


lina@home sweet home said...

A very busy week :)

teJan said...

yap..and today saturday we did rest the whole day:)