Monday, 24 May 2010

Unexpected meetings with friends!

Got to know if I pass the subject or not today. I was a little worried though calm. There must have something happened in between I didn't know:) But thank God He answered my prayers. My teacher gave me a 'G' which means I did it!

It just took 15 minutes talk so I had time to roam around in the city, while looking at shoe store I met an old friend who brought some foods and she said, she's looking for a company to eat all those..hahah! shy arrived, another friend of her arrived too with foods also. So we went out to the park under the sun and eat those foods there outside like an instant picnic happened.
While eating, our friend zorayda, a.k.a jen called and informed that we were in that place. Few minutes passed they also arrived the two jennys:) Weee.. we had a nice time taking pictures with loud laughters as if...what a day!


RoseBelle said...

I think it's so wonderful to meet up with old friends and do some catch ups. As we get older, we become so busy with our work and family which makes going out with friends quite hard.

Happiness said...

Grabe jud and bonding ninyo dah. Maklaro naman jud diay imong tiyan Jan no. Congrats diay dani imong new blog. Very nice.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

hahaha ... i like it like that!

mas daghan mas bibo!

Congrats dear ... keep up the banner.

been a long time away from blogging. thanks for this pop up window, the only way i can post comment.