Thursday, 24 November 2011

Renewing ID card not easy!

I've been little tired after I going through today! I wake up early because its my little one's first dental check-up! They have to check her few teeths. Up to date she only have 7teeths but still the dentist said its time to start brushing her teeth. I was told or informed what to do and not to do in order that she will have a good teeth as she grow.

After there, I went to the bank to renew my 2 months expired ID card but then they have no picture machine, We need to bring our own picture and so I went to post office because they have taht kind of machine. But the problem there is they don't recieve money for payment, we have to go to our bank and pay first then bring the receipt to them. I was like going back and forth and I was irritated, it was so uncomfortable with baby with me and the kind of weather, not so fun! Then I was also catching up my time since my eldest need to be picked up 2:00 o'clock from school.

Went home tired and hungry! But atleast I have done something important today!


clarizze said...

it can be tiring and frustrating, but seeing that all things were done, it wipes away tiredness.

teJan said...